Kathleen Abood blends the creative arts with cultural activism and world travel to form a new global narrative. Exotic places combine with personal histories in the painter’s journal and episodic prints of this Pacific Island Artist. The kinetic dimensional mixed media environments have recently been on exhibition in Hawaii and California. These contemporary interactive installations include Thicker than Water, Rain Drop Poem and The Forest for the Trees, and each reveals the artist’s conceptual approach to transformation, healing and renewal.

The artist’s Hawaiian tropical garden home provides the ideal native studio for making and printing handmade papers, carving woodcuts and painting. The garden is often the source for the materials as well as the topics in this artwork. Inspired by nature she combines raw and recycled fibers into paper sheets and dimensional forms.

Kathleen shares the cultural importance of the visual arts experience through exhibitions, community workshops and public events that reveal and celebrate our creativity. This dedication to art-making is personal and provocative. Art is a lifestyle for Kathleen Abood.

Thicker Than Water - A Mother's Visual Prayer

Thicker Than Water
A Mother's Visual Prayer